Frequently Asked Questions


Yes we do!

Domestic shipping is 3-5 days, International shipping is 7-21 days. But keep in mind that these are estimates, meaning that it could take longer in some cases.

We provide all our customers with free shipping.

We send our cards in envelopes, this allows us to offer our customers free international shipping, USPS however does not offer tracking on those.

Unfortunately each card is unique and because of that we are unable to provide our customers with refunds, however we will replace a card if it got damaged during shipping. (Excluding free cards)

Each card is unique and linked to each order, we’re unable to resell the cards when/if returned and because of that we do not offer refunds on completed orders.

When your order is switched to Completed your order gets either shipped that day or the following morning depending on the time of day.


No! We have got you covered, every giveaway we do is completely free no shipping fee no nothing! 

We occasionally do small giveaways of our own. But as you may know we also run 50-200 card giveaways after each coin listing. The giveaway is integrated into each listing package, Why? because we find it very important to always give back to the community because without your support we wouldn’t be here.

We unfortunately are unable to offer replacements on giveaway cards.


  1. Development teams can directly contact us through our Developer Contact Form for further information.
  2. Development teams can request to be listed on our Community Funding page, which allows communities to crowdfund the listing.
  3. In some cases we reach out to the projects we would like to see on our platform.

We’re crypto enthusiast just like you and because of that we allow projects to pay with their own coin/token.


If you are a newly genesis’d coin/token:

  • Whopper will test your chain against our automated system to confirm it’s operation.
  • Whopper will monitor your launch and community to see how development progresses.
  • Once your coin/token hits exchanges we will be able to provide pricing information for integration.

If you are an established coin/token:

  • Whopper will test your chain against our automated system to confirm it’s operation.
  • Whopper requires a Rank 900 or higher on CMC.
  • Whopper requires a dedicated user base of at least 2,000 users in Discord, Telegram, Twitter, etc…

WIP (We’re working on a full list of requirements)

Bulk Orders

Yes, but only for project purposes. We do not offer bulk orders on any of the cards we have for sale on our website.

Cold Storage cards:

100-500 cards = $7.95 per card

501-1000 cards = $6.95 per card

1001-2500 cards = $5.95 per card

2501-5000+ cards = $4.95 per card


Crypto Business cards (for conventions, etc…):


Yes, however we will have to perform some testing to see if your project works with our automation software.


Most of the projects we support are also supported by Coinomi, our wallet partner service. The easiest way to sweep your cold storage wallet. Visit them at to download.
  1. Open the top left menu (☰).
  2. Create a wallet for the coin you want to access.
  3. After creating the wallet click on it.
  4. Open the top right menu ().
  5. Select “Sweep wallet”.
  6. Scan the QR code on the back of the card or manually enter the private key.
  7. All your coins will now be available in your Coinomi wallet.
  1. Open up the QT wallet.
  2. Go to: Help > Debug Window > Console
  3. Enter the following command: importprivkey enteryourprivatekeyhere
  4. Let it complete and restart your wallet.

In order to easily access information about your wallet address displayed on the front of your cold storage card, simply refer to the appropriate coins Block Explorer below and enter your wallet address:

Bitcoin (BTC)

Litecoin (LTC)

Pinkcoin (PINK)

Denarius (DNR)

Shield (XSH)

Lindacoin (LINDA)

Crave (CRAVE)

For further inquiries please use our Customer Contact Form or Developer Contact Form