Coin Listing (Beta)

Whopper has introduced a voting section so the community can decide which currencies they want to see supported on our platform.

To vote please send coins to the vote address listed next to the coin you wish to support, there is no time limit or cap on the amount of coins you can vote with. Once Tier 1, 2 or 3 is reached the rewards connected to the tier will go into production.
Voting is done with the currency of the coin in question, for example in order to vote for Ravencoin you will have to send Raven to the voting address. Any other currencies sent to that address will be considered lost.

Coin Progress Details Address
  • T1 (85,000 RVN) = Listing + 100 card giveaway + 1 design
  • T2 (140,000 RVN) = 125 card giveaway + 1 new design
  • T3 (200,000 RVN) = 150 card giveaway + 1 new design
[raven_balance] out of 85,000 RVN T1 RY1YLDTyesah9ZyrJko1turn4mG5xf8HT9
  • T1 (75,000 XVG) = Listing + 100 card giveaway + 1 design
  • T2 (125,000 XVG) = 125 card giveaway + 1 new design
  • T3 (175,000 XVG) = 150 card giveaway + 1 new design
[xvg_balance] out of 75,000 XVG T1 DMu4iyiJVSTcUQA2zuMVB87RGiPSo2QT9J

How the voting section works:

1. Whopper presents 3 milestones per project that the community can aim for. When each tier is reached, the given milestone rewards will go into production and you get to be involved with the process the entire way through.

2. The initial tier 1 integration process takes around 2 weeks to add the chain to our system and get designs processed. You, the community, get to decide what the cards look like. We will post polling on our site that will decide the 1 design we produce out of 3 available designs presented. Voting will occur over a 1 week period.

3. After the designs are chosen, we will give away 100 cards (per tier reached) over a 1 week period for free to anyone with shipping included and no strings attached.

4. After the giveaway is completed, the card(s) will be available for purchase in perpetuity on our site, and if the currency is supported on the CoinPayments network, we will add it for payment across our entire site for purchase of any products.

5. This process continues per milestone reached and completes after the 3rd milestone.

Notes: Any coins sent after the 3rd tier is already completed will be considered a donation to our team. And in instances of extreme price swings, Whopper reserves the right to modify coins required for listings and giveaways.